How much does the shipping cost?

That depends on WHERE ON EARTH are you ordering your Mug from. So, the best way you’ll know is to visit our shop, choose the Mug of your choice and right before the last step (pressing BUY), you’ll get the exact calculation.

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Can I combine my Mug with different colours?

But … we put a lot of effort to made those perfect color combinations of Mugs (a tear rolls down the cheek). Okay, the answer is actually pretty simple: NO. Unless you order 2 different Mugs or add an extra strap/holder to your order and combine them however you like at home. We support creativity, so don’t hesitate.  

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I received only the long strap, short one is missing. How can I find it?

We knew that this question will eventually pop out (*sigh*). So, about the short strap … the thing is that the “little one” is actually hidden. You see, it’s a bit shy. So you’ll have to find it and be the one, who’ll make the first step. In the video bellow you can see how to approach: https://www.facebook.com/video.phpv=1044909922200945&set=vb.903445306347408&type=3&theater

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I am not sure if the leather on my premium GOAT Mug is REAL.

You're maybe not sure, not quite sure ... or you're 100 % not sure? Good news is, you can always check, whether it is or isn’t the TRUE leather. We offer you few options: Check above the barcode on the Mug’s package of the Mug: it's written real or faux leather. Check the logo on the holder. If the latter looks like it's scratched into the surface, that's definitely faux. If it looks like a stamp then we're talking about some real leather!

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My holder is broken/got lost. What can I do?

Nobody likes to be broken or feel lost. Especially the poor holder. So if in some case it got broken on its way to you … please do send us a “photo proof” to baa@goat-story.com and we’ll do our best to solve it out. You got 7 days after receiving the Mug to do so. If your holder got a dent, try to smoothen it a bit by yourself (do this DIY thing). Just put the holder above the steam and align the dent. That’s gonna work out fine. And if it got lost, dont worry. You’ll soon be able to order another one at our online store. We’re working on it.

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