WHAT is the Third Wave of Coffee?

Reading time: 4 coffee sips ☕️☕️☕️☕️   As a coffee addict you’ve probably heard about it a few times lately. What WAVE are we talking about? Well, it’s definitely the one you’ll want to ride! We’re talking about the coffee MOVEMENT treating coffee with respect. By improving all stages of its production: from plant growing, harvesting, processing to building strong relationships between coffee growers, roasters and traders. With one goal - to provide higher quality and fresh roasting for your everyday cup.   Every “third” has its first and second, right? Let’s take a quick tour of all three waves:  1st Wave: coffee was brought to households with exponentially growing consumption (but received criticism for sacrificing taste and quality for its mass production). 2nd Wave: playing with coffee...

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HOW Coffee affects Love?❤

Reading time: 2 coffee sips ☕️☕️   We like love so much, we dedicated an entire day to it. But with every Valentine’s Day the same question pops up: HOW to show love to the ones we care for? We know the answer: it’s a cup of COFFEE. Here’s why: The best way to one’s heart is through his stomach. Coffee (and food in general) always evoke positive feelings. Specially if we take time to consume them next to the person we like. So take time to brew some nice coffee and to really enjoy it with your special one.  Caffeine makes people more attentive. Besides evoking positive vibes between the two of you, you will also receive more attention from your...

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Best drink for NEW YEAR’s eve!

Reading time: 4 sips of coffee ☕☕☕☕   As the year is approaching its end, the pressure on how to spend its last eve is getting bigger. An important decision is also with which beverage to toast to new beginnings, right? ;) Here we pour ourselves a drink that not only gives you hyper powers … but loosens you up a bit too. Yes, it’s the IRISH COFFEE.  WHAT do you need? Freshly brewed Coffee Whiskey (make sure it’s a fine one!) Cream (fresh and lightly whipped) Ice cubes HOW to proceed?  - Brew some nice coffee with pour-over, immersion or cold drip technique. (With GINA you’ll easily make all 3, but we prefer the cold drip). Pour it in a...

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6 BENEFITS of drinking TEA

Reading time: 3 sips of tea 🍵🍵🍵 At first it looks like soaking some leaves into steaming water. But - OH NO, it is faaar more than that. It’s the whole aromatic experience that comes with it. And it doesn’t matter, if you’re Black, White, Green or Oolong - as long as you drink TEA, it will also continue to improve your well being and health.  TEA contains antioxidants. They keep you young and protect you from “damage”. It’s almost like becoming immortal.  Helps with weight loss. It helps your digestive system to process all your daily intake. It’s hydrating to your body. Since we’re all made of 70 % water, this is just crucial. It increases memory, focus and concentration. Scientifically proven....

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HOW to make Pour Over Coffee

Reading time: 4 coffee sips ☕☕☕☕ If you are like us, mornings without your coffee sound like the worst type of torture. It’s just this part of the day, when you’re trying to find the easiest way to get your caffeinated booster. Sooo … what is our suggestion on that topic?  COFFEE brewed by good old POUR-OVER technique is the way to go!   All you have to do is pour hot water over freshly ground coffee beans resting in a filter. The 1st pour will create blooming with those seductive bubbles (oh my!) and the 2nd pour the elegant flow of coffee (you’ll control it with GINA’s valve). All that sums up perfectly ... in pure beverage that’ll wake you...

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