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When Coffee meets Creativity

Coffee is a part of the most regular routine of many creatives. Not only it can be a handful boost for creative process itself, it increases energy and helps being more focused on performing task. So no wonder that even coffee shops are known as the most preferred working spaces. We all know how the famous story of coffee discovery goes. Well, the latter definitely served as a handful creative boost for the team of GOAT STORY (among gallons of coffee they drank). Why? It helped them bring a one-of-a-kind coffee mug to life: The GOAT Mug. It’s a horn shaped Mug, easy to carry around, wherever your internal compass guides you. Wherever you think, you’ll find the right inspiration....

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G-Drip coffee maker by GOAT STORY

Coffee-enthusiastic team of GOAT STORY, the one who brought you a unique horn-shaped GOAT Mug, sure made it to the top of everyone’s ‘Favorite business gifts’ list this past New Year. Making a unique and outstanding coffee making system - G-Drip. Inspired by a “pour over” technique well-known among true coffee experts, this hand-crafted piece brings one a true experience of making a drip brewed coffee and offers a whole new dimension of coffee tasting.      Design & Materials G-Drip is made completely of standard materials. Its framework consists of wooden profiles connected with copper fittings and is holding the glass funnel and container made of heat resistant borosilicate glass. With a special spring placed inside the funnel it even...

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It’s always a good time for coffee

Nowadays, life is just like one big rush. Keeping up with rapidly moving innovation we almost need to run to keep feeding our growth. That requires a lot of energy, so no wonder some coffee is a very necessary boost - and we barely have time to even make one! Luckily, the technology keeps pace with it by offering the best solution, shaped into The GOAT Mug. The project was supported by more than 10.000 people on Kickstarter earlier this year and it’s available for purchase now. Devoted to trends and technology we surely pay great attention to the innovation we consume. Being constantly on the go, we grasp for a solution tailored to suit our exact needs. GOAT Mug is a great fit for those lifestyle desires. A trendy...

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GOAT MUG – a coffee mug designed in a shape of a goat’s horn, launched earlier this year with a successful Kickstarter campaign, made its first live appearance at the Designjunction exhibition in London this September. Designjunction is a modern and cultural design exhibition, held on yearly bases as a part of the London Design Week. It holds innovative designer exhibitions on unusual industrial premises. This year it hosted more than 200 designers and exhibitors from all over the world. The VICTORIA HOUSE venue hosted G OAT STORY team and their POP UP SHOP designed exclusively for this occasion. The space was designed to give visitors a feeling of entering into the world of coffee. The classy copper tubes with...

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First live appearance of the GOAT MUG - at the Designjunction fair in London

GOAT STORY – goat’s horn shaped coffee mug is going to make a first live appearance at the Desigjunction fair in London. The English capital is going to host the Designjuction fair from 24th until the 27th of September. Designjunction is a modern and cultural design fair, held yearly as part of the London design week. It holds innovative designer exhibitions on unusual industrial premises. It is going to host more than 200 designers and exhibitors from all over the world. The main event is going to be divided into two locations: one is reserved for the trade focused brands and the other one will welcome premium products designers. The latter is going to be the GOAT STORY team’s new...

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