Every GINA is equipped with a LI-Ion battery that ensures that your GINA can manage around 20 hours of brewing time. When you’re not connected to GINA via Bluetooth, it will be in Stand-By mode. To be honest, we can not accurately tell you how long the battery will last in Stand-By mode, but here’s a fun fact: nobody in our office recalls the last time we had to charge our “everyday brewing” GINA. So do not worry, the battery lasts a looong time. And even when you will see a red LED light that indicates low battery levels, you’ll still be able to brew some batches of coffee with it. Consider the red light a signal that you should connect it to power when you get to it.
To make sure you always know the charge level of your GINA, we will include a battery life indicator in one of the future releases of the app.

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