3 brewing techniques for every occasion

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You already know that freshly ground coffee beans are a gift from heaven. Now it’s time to turn this into magic. With some great brewing techniques!

Sounds complicated? It’s not. If you’re like us, you’ll find an excuse to make coffee whenever and wherever possible. You just need a proper scale (for the right ratio of coffee and water) and a stopwatch to measure the time. And for starters a few popular techniques described below:

  • WHEN IN A HURRY:  go with Pour Over brewing technique! It involves pouring hot water over freshly ground beans resting in a filter. The result is a delicious drink in just a few moments that’ll bring you back to life.

  • WHEN COMING HOME AFTER A LONG DAY you deserve a treat. Instead of devouring your candy stash, pamper yourself with Immersion brewing. Soak ground coffee in hot water for about 3 minutes and then release it through the filter. You are gifted with an amazing rich coffee flavor - better than chocolate!
  • WHEN INVITING FRIENDS TO COME OVER: brag by making a Cold Drip! Let cold water drip slowly through the ground coffee, while you chitchat. It can take from 1-24 hours, depending on your flavor preferences, but the end result is worth the wait! You can play with flavor by adding a mint leaf or a slice of orange. 

💡 JUST AN IDEA: serve cold drip in a wine glass! Not only will it look sexy, coffee is much more beneficial than alcohol. Cheers!

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