Best drink for CELEBRATION!

Reading time: 4 sips of coffee ☕☕☕☕


As we enrich our lives with all big (or small) victories, the same important decision comes every single time: with which beverage we should make toast? ;) Here we pour ourselves a drink that not only gives you hyper powers … but loosens you up a bit too. Yes, it’s the IRISH COFFEE. 


WHAT do you need?

  • Freshly brewed Coffee
  • Whiskey (make sure it’s a fine one!)
  • Cream (fresh and lightly whipped)
  • Ice cubes

HOW to proceed? 

- Brew some nice coffee with pour-over, immersion or cold drip technique. (With GINA you’ll easily make all 3, but we prefer the cold drip). Pour it in a glass filled with ice cubes. 

- Add a “desired amount” of Whiskey. We prefer the finest selection from our friends at Flaviar, bringing you a true tasting experience 😉

- Stir well and finally pour the lightly whipped cream slowly over the backside of a hot teaspoon so it caps the cocktail below perfectly.

- Cheers! You’ve just made yourself a drink that will make this last eve worth remembering.

📎 NOTE: don’t stir cream with mixture below. Rather enjoy drinking this delicious elixir all the way through that nice and firm cream. 

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