With the Covid-19 outbreak panic leaving us stuck at home, social media has proven to be a wonderful way to (re)connect with friends, family and even the vibrant community of coffee lovers from all around the world.

When we began to work from home because of the current situation, we started using the hashtag #brewathome in our social media posts. And we weren't even aware of the fact that we actually joined a global movement that was started by I'M NOT A BARISTA, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting coffee professionals. They started the #brewathome social media campaign to connect coffee roasters and baristas to consumers at this challenging time.

GOAT STORY joined the campaign and we're offering all coffee lovers a 15% discount on all our products and coffee with the coupon code brewathome.

By encouraging coffee lovers to brew safely at home through the #brewathome campaign, I'M NOT A BARISTA is helping people find connection to others while staying safe. "Baristas bring the world together through a cup of coffee," says I'M NOT A BARISTA founder Micky Wang. "Alone, we are strong; together, we are stronger!"

The #brewathome campaign helps roasters and other coffee "people" bring their expertise to coffee lovers worldwide by encouraging them to share video tutorials about home brewing, coffee science, introduction to coffee tasting, and different coffee origins on their Instagram accounts.

To learn more about the campaign, you can check the official website for a list of ever growing number of participating roasters who are sharing their coffee brewing knowledge. GOAT STORY joined the campaign and we're offering all coffee lovers a 15% discount on all our gear with the coupon code brewathome.

"The #brewathome campaign is showing us that the coffee community is amazing; even though we're all isolated, left without real interaction with friends or fellow coffee lovers, we know that there is a whole community of coffee loving people out there who are all in this together. Let's share our #brewathome moments and get connected!" says GOAT STORY's head roaster Dušan Matičič.


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  • Your customer service is appalling.

    I have tried this code. It does not work. The price does not change.

    A friend has used your refer page. He submitted my e-mail address. Neither of us have been offered 20% discount. We are still waiting.

    I have raised these issues.

    No response.

    I was thinking of purchasing a Gina, but in light of your appalling customer service, lack of courtesy in replying, I am now having second thoughts.

    Keith Parkins on
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