Coffee Art Calendar 2018 - Overview

You wanted to see all the COFFEE ART CALENDAR 2018 artworks gathered in one post and here they are ... Or you can click HERE to find out more about the calendar.


Anja Sušanj, January: The Berry

Nicola Kloosterman, February: Passion

Tom Abbiss Smith, March: The Bean

Chloe Joyce, April: The Picker

Amber Vittoria, May: The Roaster

Lucas Levitan, June: The Grinder

Yi Xiao Chen, July: The Barista

Dola Sun, August: The Hangout

Geffen Refaeli, September: The Creativity

Dawid Ryski, October: The Flavor

Daehyun Kim, November: The Impact

Anja Šlibar, December: The Evolution


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