Coffee on Kickstarter - Fail or Success?

Is Kickstarter the way to go when it comes to new coffee gear? European Coffee Trip took a look at three coffee projects that succeeded on Kickstarter and three that failed epically. A valuable lesson for everyone that wants to make it in the world of crowdfunding.

At GOAT STORY we have launched two very successful Kickstarter campaigns - GOAT Mug in 2014 and GINA Smart Coffee Instrument in 2016. But success on Kickstarter is not something that comes by coincidence. Every campaign was planned carefully and strategically. There are a few things you need to consider when launching a Kickstarter campaign:
1. Product: Only excellent products can make the cut.
2. Content: Be creative and don't forget to focus on the problem that your product is solving.
3. Delivery: You need to deliver, period.
4. Be honest: If you know your product will be delivered with a delay, be honest to your backers. They understand that development and production can sometimes be delayed.
5. Buzz: you developed a kick-ass product and launch a Kickstarter campaign. But ... nothing happens. Create buzz in your precampaign, let people know that the campaign will happen.
6. Customer support: after your campaign is live, you'll need extra help in your customer support.

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