GINA app update

We updated the GINA app for iOS and Android. And there’s some exciting features that you requested. So, what does update #2 bring to GINA users? Here’s a quick overview of changes and improvements.

  • We improved the connectivity of GINA. A quick connection pop-up is now available to start brewing as quickly as possible. 
  • The app will remember the last brew parameters you set, such as ratio and brewing times.
  • The ratio screen in iOS version is now rearranged and offers a smoother workflow.
  • Cold drip: the maximum brew capacity is now 550 ml (no more “too much water” notification).
  • Cold drip: the brewing process now runs in the background and it won’t be stopped when exiting the app. 
  • GINA now has a battery status indicator. It can be found at the left bottom of the menu screen. After connecting, it can take up to 60 seconds for the battery indicator to refresh.
  • We made a lot of small cosmetic changes and fixed small details, along with some minor bugs and glitches.

Enjoy brewing with GINA and don’t forget to post your brewprints. We love seeing your brews!

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  • 1

    1 on
  • Updated to android 10 and Gina not wanting to connect at all all other Bluetooth device I have are fine, but this won’t connect at all

    James Bagnas on
  • Hello
    I was trying to use GINA but it’s not working any more since I updated my iOS. GINA is switched o. But when I connect to the app it get stuck and doesn’t read any more the weight of coffee !
    Please advice

    Ghanim AL-Romaihi on

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