GINA and her special Dot

While our coffee lovin' community is already brewing thousands of great coffees every day, experts also agree we hit the spot with GINA. So they gave her the Red Dot Award for product design. The story of GINA is long and complex and we wanted to shed some light on how this amazing coffee brewer came to life.

In 2016, while already completely immersed in specialty coffee exploration, a coffee dripper was born at GOAT STORY. G-Drip, a limited edition handcrafted piece with a nostalgic steampunk appeal and contemporary aesthetic, was sold out in a matter of hours. Today, a few dozen coffee lovers are proud owners of one of the most exclusive coffee brewers out there.

G-Drip was nice, but our vision was bringing coffee brewing to a new level. Cold drip always had a special appeal, but we hated the clumsy and exclusive cold drip towers. But surely that can be done differently, right? Right!
We started off with a precision valve to control the flow of the cold drip. And learned that this valve can do so much more! “The idea of pivoting to a hybrid coffee brewer came to life when we introduced the precision valve to our design. That little knob on GINA makes it possible to combine three brewing methods and endless possibilities to customize your coffee brewing,” said Luka Pirnat, head of product design at GOAT STORY.

But we still weren't happy with the user experience when brewing coffee. To brew the best cup of coffee one needs a scale, a timer, and your brewer to name the most important. So we set off on a mission to create a seamless coffee brewing experience. When we introduced a precision scale in the housing and a custom developed app that kicks the brewing experience to a whole new level, GINA was born. A true Smart Coffee Instrument.

The designer's take

Many coffee lovers fell in love with GINA’s harmonious curves and elegant appearance that just call to be put on display. But from a designer’s point of view, beauty comes naturally, but it's function that completes a good design. So says Luka Pirnat, head of product design at GOAT STORY and the man behind GINA’s design:
“We are all driven by beauty and it defines us as human beings. I do believe that every product should evoke aesthetical feelings, but design is also about enhancing the user experience. A well designed product will draw you in with its looks and convince with its funcionality. GINA embodies all that and I am extremely happy that the Red Dot jury recognised it as well.”

The Red Dot Product Design Award is a boost for our motivation to innovate and design even more awesome coffee gear for coffee enthusiasts out there. So get ready, because we have some awesome new coffee tools getting ready for you!

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