GOAT MUG's adventure to the magical Dolomites

By guest blogger: Alja Nike Skrt, Ljubeznice 
Every adventure ever starts with a good cup of coffee. Every plan, every ride, every hike. And we decided to take the number one coffee mug, the GOAT Mug, to where it feels the most at home. On the road, over the hills and rivers, deep into the land of mountains and lakes, to try where coffee tastes better: by the lake, under the grand rock formations, on top of a glacier (high in the clouds) or in the back of the car, where we started our everyday journeys. Follow our goat story to a magical place, called the Dolomites!
After the first cup of coffee, we started with a hike to the otherworldly lake Sorapis. You really have to experience it for yourself. The colour of the lake is just unbelievable! On the way back we filled our GOAT Mugs with fresh water from a waterfall.
Then we did the Sella ronda tour of 4 alpine passes and spent the night on 2240m above the sea. We got up really early, made coffee, poured it into our Goat mugs and hiked even higher over Passo Pordoi to wait for the sun. Nothing better than sunrise & coffee!

Some extreme winds blew us back down into the valley, but we got back strong and went even higher. With a funicular from the Fedaia lake, we went all the way up to the rocky Marmolada terrain and hiked up to the brink of the glacier. We soaked up the sun and another mug of fresh icy mountain water!
Over the Giau pass and through Cortina d'Ampezzo we got up again and had dinner by the lake in Misurina and found a perfect place to watch the sunset on almost 2400m, just under the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, maybe the most famous landmark of the Dolomites.
We have saved the best for last. Breakfast with coffee, watching another sunrise and then hiking around the Tre Cime. LIFE!
We LOVE coffee. So it`s not a coincidence, we fell in love with GOAT Mug too. The fact that it can carry a good amount of coffee to everywhere you may go and keep it warm for long periods of time, is already enough. Then come the looks and functionality. You cannot go wrong with those leather straps and holders and you can carry it on your belt, over the shoulders, on your back while climbing. It`s always there and it fits like a glove.
Thanks a lot team GOAT STORY, we have really enjoyed this epic adventure. Here's to many more: CHEERS!

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