HOW Coffee affects Love?

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We like love so much, we dedicated an entire day to it. But with every Valentine’s Day the same question pops up: HOW to show love to the ones we care for? We know the answer: it’s a cup of COFFEE. Here’s why:

  • The best way to one’s heart is through his stomach. Coffee (and food in general) always evoke positive feelings. Specially if we take time to consume them next to the person we like. So take time to brew some nice coffee and to really enjoy it with your special one. 
  • Caffeine makes people more attentive. Besides evoking positive vibes between the two of you, you will also receive more attention from your loved one (and vice versa). 
  • Caffeine is a stimulant. As such it energizes your whole body, gets your heart pumping and your blood running wild - which are basically the same feelings we experience when excited with love.

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