How our STORY began?

Every story has its first chapter. Ours goes back to 19th century.
It’s when the famous coffee myth took place: a flock of goats stumbled upon a bush of red berries (coffee beans) ... ate them all ... and went C R A Z Y! Their smart shepherd brewed those berries and brought us this worldwide beloved dark potion. See the video...

This inspired us, truly. Because the fact is: we’re deeply in love with the amazing world of coffee. So we created GOAT STORY, made it our mission to write this story further ... and make YOU a part of it too.



In 2014 we came up with a unique, horn-shaped GOAT Mug and threw it on Kickstarter. Suddenly … 10.000 of you coffee addicts went crazy about it! Supporting it with almost half a million dollars. And, man, this brought our story to life!

In 2016 (we took no time off, of course) we introduced GINA: smart coffee instrument! Reaching another success on Kickstarter, adored by you and backed with more than half a million dollars.


So here we are now ...  riding the Third Wave of Coffee! Discovering all shades and tastes a coffee bean has to offer and daring you to explore it. Since, you know, we happen to make tools that’ll get you there ;)

Enjoy this ride with us and as we say … make your coffee brewing a special experience. Every single time, with every single cup.

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  • Aaaaw Herman, you warmed our hearts with these words! People like you are our motivation (beside enormous amount of coffee, of course) … and we’re glad to have you on board ;)

    Dunja from GOAT STORY on
  • Just got my first horn-shape travel mug of Goat Story. It’s really exciting to have it as my daily buddy and a great decoration in my everyday coffee life. Couldn’t wait to know more about Goat Story, the amazing company in the world. I always believe that good design and aesthetics make life worth living.

    Herman on

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