How to become a home barista

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Do you know that special feeling of making a cup of coffee you will gladly show off with to your friends? You will now. Here are 3 essential tools you need to finally master coffee brewing.
  • SCALE: brewing involves a little bit of math (nothing scary - just to match the coffee-to-water ratio). All you need are freshly ground coffee beans and a good scale. The fun part? You can experiment with different ratios to adapt the coffee taste to your preferences.
  • NEAT COFFEE MAKER: this is where all the fun comes in, so find the one that suits your taste best and play with it. Don’t forget to use a proper filter papers and a water kettle. And remember: take control of the water flow according to chosen technique.

  • BREWING GUIDE: the brewing process itself varies with the chosen technique, but it’s smart to follow some brewing guidelines so you don't end up with flat or overly bitter coffee.
CONCLUSION: wouldn’t it be nice, if you could own a device combining ALL of them? We asked ourselves the same question ... and then we made GINA, the first smart coffee instrument. She's dying to meet you ;) 

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