HOW to Grind your Coffee?

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Should I grind my coffee? But why? What equipment do I need? Can I even do it? How? Too many questions? ... I need coffee. 

All of the above may have arisen in your mind - but don’t worry, we GOAT you BAA-ck. First of all - OF COURSE you should grind you coffee! How else can you make this perfect black potion than of freshly ground coffee beans. You see, as soon as the beans are ground they start to lose their flavor and (oh my!) the seductive aroma ... therefore every second counts. 

  • Extra Coarse: Cold BrewingSo get yourself a grinder with adjustable grind levels and let’s get started. There are (of course) more than 50 shades of ground coffee in practice. But to help you out, here are the 7 Types + Devices that will put all this on some scale:
  • Coarse: French Press (and GINA for immersion)
  • Medium-Coarse: Chemex (and GINA for pour-over and cold drip)
  • Medium: Drip Pots
  • Medium-Fine: Vacuum pots and siphon brewers
  • Fine: Espresso, Moka Pot
  • Extra Fine: Turkish Coffee

Find the type that suits your exquisite taste best. We suggest ALL of them. And happy Grinding! 

p.s.: we ground this piece from other coffee addicts (

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