Ice cold Recipe for a proper COLD Drip

There's (almost) nothing better than a nicely brewed COLD Drip on a steaming hot summer day. Trust us. It brings the boost, it cools you down ... and it tastes delicious. 

Want to try one? Well, we happen to brew a neat VIDEO RECIPE for you, using exquisite coffee beans from our friends at Taylor St. Baristas coffee.

Check it out and try it yourself with your GINA



COLD DRIP recipe with GINA:


- GINA + cold drip module
- Coffee (Ratio 1:8)
- Crushed ice cubes
- Cold water


  1. Add ground coffee in the cold drip module
  2. Pre-soak grounds with cold water
  3. Fill the cone with ice + cold water
  4. Tune the valve to set drop speed
  5. Let it drip … the taste is worth the wait!

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