Our Colombian discovery

In 2019 at World of Coffee in Berlin we came across a very special coffee discovery. During the show we were invited for a cupping session at Algrano, the Swiss start-up that connects growers and roasters, where they were presenting their Colombian Discoveries campaign. We actually weren't thinking about including a Colombian coffee at first, but the cupping table revealed a hidden gem ...
We rarely run into a coffee that knocks us out of our socks, but this is definitely one of those coffees. It's a love-it-or-hate-it type coffee. But most people LOVE IT! As the first ever natural processed coffee from La Marianela, this is a masterpiece of aromas that begins during grinding and lingers on during brewing. And then the flavor ... dear oh dear! Fruity, boozy, with subtle hints of fermented chocolate. A very very special coffee that excels as filter and rocks as espresso.
Transparency and communication
We sourced this coffee through Algrano to take advantage of joint transport and the transparent purchase of the coffee, as their philosophy is very clear - the purchase of green coffee should be transparent to everyone and should enable the farmer to get a fair price for quality coffees. And there is one more extra perk about working with Algrano - direct communication with the farmer. That way we could, for the first time ever as a micro roaster, get involved with the farm, talk about the coffee and share our experiences.
We first introduced the coffee from La Marianela in December 2019 in our special edition coffee (Specialty Selection Box: with two distinct coffees: La Marianela Natural + Kenya Ndaroini AB Washed) and at that time we even made a small video about that special coffee:
La Marianela, a family farm
Each person that purchases this coffee is providing a helping hand to those with the lowest working opportunities of the “Popayán Plateau” this area is located between the volcanic mountains of Coconuncos and the Nevado del Huila. It has been showered for centuries with the ashes of these volcanoes, making its soil perfect for the growth of a unique single origin coffee with all the characteristics that make it a top quality Colombian speciality Coffee.
La Marianela estate is located in this privileged zone, extending its lands and plantations through 150 Ha and between 1650 – 1800 m.a.s.l. creating a perfect environment for the production of a coffee, with all the characteristics that make it a top quality Colombian ground. As if this were not enough, “La Marianela” estate is covered with pure water springs and crossed by dazzling creeks. This has not only been beneficial for the crops, but it has also created ecological corridors that have allowed the growth.

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