Iced Coffee Recipe for the Summer

The summer heat this year must really be influencing your productivity. The exhaustion that comes with the heat is calling for some refreshment. Some ice cold refreshment. Some super tasty iced coffee refreshment that will give you the extra energy boost you need!

We joined forces with our friends at Union hand-roasted Coffee and brewed a refreshingly cold coffee with some special trick! 

Take a look at our VIDEO recipe below ... and try it out with your GINA





    • GINA + cold drip module
    • Crushed ice cubes 
    • Double strength brewed coffee (ratio 1: 8) 


  1. Fill GINA’s container with crushed ice cubes
  2. Open the valve
  3. Brew Pour-over coffee over ice
  4. Close the valve

... serve with style! ;) 

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