What (also) makes a good coffee maker?

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You know the saying "clothes make the man"? Well, the same goes for coffee brewing instruments ant the materials used for them. Read which materials best fit a coffee maker.

  • CERAMIC: There is nothing more precious than the right temperature for the chosen brewing method. Here’s where ceramic funnel can kick in with its isolating powers. To maintain the temperature of your coffee just as you want it: hot for immersion brew or cool for a cold drip experience.
  • BOROSILICATE GLASS: It might seem fragile, but it is actually one of the best materials your coffee brewer can be made of: its heat-resistance characteristics ensure even the hottest coffee won't break it. Not to mention the transparency, as you can watch your favorite elixir come to life.
  • STEEL: It's bad enough that your coffee gets cold, but spilling it is another disaster. Your safest choice is getting a brewer with steel frame to keep your coffee maker stable. Besides looking stunning and all, stainless steel frame is also easy to clean.

💡 HINT: You’re probably wondering where this is heading. Let us be honest: we made a coffee maker out of these materials ... "her" name is GINA, the first smart coffee instrument!
Coincidence? Don’t think so. Because you already know we only want the best for you ;) 

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