Why is Coffee Crucial for Travel?

There's one thing all great journeys have in common: they all start with COFFEE
It may seem like a routine for a coffee addict like yourself, but it's probably one of the most smart decisions you make. Wonder WHY? 


Coffee, with its tons of benefits, is actually a pretty precious cargo. One that combats many obstacles along your way and the one that turns your journey into an adventure. Here's how: 
  • Coffee improves driving performance. Well, not actually the style of your driving (work on this by yourself), but the whole manoeuvre of it that keeps you and others on the road safe. 


  • It reduces sleepiness. You know these monotone highroads ... not only they don't contribute to the dynamics of your journey, they can get you asleep quicker than a lullaby. Which is very dangerous. 
  • It can cure the traveling fatigue. The unpleasant thing that doesn't come in handy when you're on your way to experience the World, right?

  • It increases alertness. To not only admire all beautiful sights around you, but to be focused on the road with all its unpredictable obstacles. 

  • It beats the unpleasant jet lag. You know travelling across time zones takes its toll - beat it like a boss with a nice cup of joe. 


The point is: wherever your path leads, make sure you carry enough COFFEE with you. It's a necessary booster and an important companion. Like thousands of travellers around the globe: you can do it with your favorite GOAT Mug

Show us where's your next adventure taking you! Share it on Instagram using #goatstory and #neverstopexploring ... we'll highlight the best ones ;) 



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