Pre-ground coffe and why it's not worth it

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With every day comes this lovely routine of ours: making our beloved dark beverage - coffee. 

Let’s be honest - during this procedure, sometimes the question pops up: “Hm, is this right? Should I use the brown powder from the store or should I rather grind the coffee beans myself?” A smart question deserves a smart answer: grind coffee by yourself!


Let’s clear one thing first: THE MAIN GOAL is to get what the coffee beans are hiding. We’re talking about all precious oils and that seductive aroma. And by using pre-ground coffee, it’s like you’re handling an empty treasure chest (!) Not only will it give you empty promises of good coffee, you’ll succumb to huge losses, bad exposures, spoilers ... and all other vicious words! Let’s dig deeper with some serious facts about pre-ground coffee

  • Loss of aroma (in just 15 minutes ground coffee loses 60 % of its aroma)
  • Contamination (whatever odors around ground coffee will taint it and spoil your pure coffee experience)
  • Moisture exposure (when ground, coffee immediately starts to dilute precious oils ... so the longer you wait, the worse. And with pre-ground coffee from store, it might take months)
  • Loss of CO2 (big loss, because it plays an important role while releasing the precious oils into your beverage) 

💡 THE GOLDEN ADVICE: always GRIND your coffee beans just before brewing, choose the right grind size and grind only what you need at the moment.

Any doubts remaining? No? ...... Yeah, we thought so. 


We freshly ground some bits from other coffee addicts. Read more: at:

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