G-Drip coffee maker by GOAT STORY

Coffee-enthusiastic team of GOAT STORY, the one who brought you a unique horn-shaped GOAT Mug, sure made it to the top of everyone’s ‘Favorite business gifts’ list this past New Year. Making a unique and outstanding coffee making system - G-Drip. Inspired by a “pour over” technique well-known among true coffee experts, this hand-crafted piece brings one a true experience of making a drip brewed coffee and offers a whole new dimension of coffee tasting.


Design & Materials

G-Drip is made completely of standard materials. Its framework consists of wooden profiles connected with copper fittings and is holding the glass funnel and container made of heat resistant borosilicate glass. With a special spring placed inside the funnel it even allows faster extraction which prevents over-brewing the coffee. This amazing creation comes in sealed elegant black box, creating an exquisite unpacking experience at the very start.


Pour over technique involves pouring hot water over nicely roasted, perfectly ground coffee beans resting in a filter. The whole trick is to collect coffee extract dripping into the container, making a beverage that tastes like paradise.


Client: GOAT STORY / www.goat-story.com

Designer: Luka Pirnat / www.lukapirnat.com

Project: GOAT STORY 2016 New Year’s Business Gift

Pitch: A brand related piece that is unique in its presentation and value yet easy to use and inspires a receiver to further explores and enjoys the world of coffee.

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