Original GOAT MUGS are on the way to your front door!

The GOAT STORY is a story that shows everything from early beginnings of discovering coffee to drinking it with style. If you are a coffee lover and you like to be stylish – you simply have to get one for yourself. It will change your life and give you the whole new experience of drinking coffee.

 You can tell that Goat mug is not only a coffee mug; it is much more than that. It is a fashion accessory that transforms drinking coffee on the go into an amazing experience of carrying coffee around in style. You would think it’s shape makes it impossible to have it standing on the table, but the smart solution of a mug holder is amazing as it can easily transform into a mug stand. You can style it with whatever you wear as you can get it in four different colors; black, brown, marsala and hemp.

Our mission is to take a good care of the nature’s wealth, so we created the mug made from 100% eco materials, which can be fully recycled. It is BPA FREE, dishwasher friendly and sustainable as it helps reduce the usage of disposable plastic and paper cups, and enables one to reuse it over and over again. It will keep hot liquids warm for as long as two hours. Last but not least - you will never again have to worry about coffee stains on your jeans, as it is 100% leak proof.

We witnessed huge success of Goat mug on Kickstarter where it impressed 10.617 people who supported the product from its early beginning. The campaign’s goal was reached in less than 48 hours, which set the project to become one of the most successful ones.

We are now proud to announce that we have started shipping Goat mugs today! There is no excuse anymore – get one for yourself and bring style to your coffee drinking.


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