Goat mug - original GOAT STORY crafted into a coffee mug

GOAT STORY discovers how coffee was made and revolutionizes the way coffee will be consumed in the future. If you love coffee, it will change your life!

Back in 13th century, a flock of goats found a bush full of berries which lured the goats to dig in and try them. The result – goats went bonkers! Their shepherd was left in shock so he decided to figure out a way of using those berries to get such frisky energy. He brewed the berries and – we dare say- changed the world.

We couldn´t imagine life without coffee which is why we decided to stop hunting for a perfect coffee mug and design one of our own. Ours is dedicated to those who unfairly didn´t receive any credit for their discovery – goats. This is the GOAT STORY. And it was crafted into a one of a kind coffee mug, which shape is reminiscent of goat´s horn but it is also ergonomic and makes drinking easier. It is upgraded by a set of two straps. One is a crossbody strap and the other one fits any wrist. That way, your hands remain free in between sips at any time. GOAT STORY coffee mug can be placed on a flat surface in a matter of seconds. Just take the handle of, turn it around and place the mug in it.

GOAT STORY coffee mug is BPA FREE and dishwasher friendly. It will keep your coffee hot for up to hours.

It will surely make your life easier and it WILL make you look awesome. GOAT STORY was successfully funded on Kickstarter and it is available for preorder on the website. Shipping is estimated to start in March 2015!

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