It’s always a good time for coffee

Nowadays, life is just like one big rush. Keeping up with rapidly moving innovation we almost need to run to keep feeding our growth. That requires a lot of energy, so no wonder some coffee is a very necessary boost - and we barely have time to even make one! Luckily, the technology keeps pace with it by offering the best solution, shaped into The GOAT Mug. The project was supported by more than 10.000 people on Kickstarter earlier this year and it’s available for purchase now.

Devoted to trends and technology we surely pay great attention to the innovation we consume. Being constantly on the go, we grasp for a solution tailored to suit our exact needs. GOAT Mug is a great fit for those lifestyle desires. A trendy solution, crafted into goat’s horn brings a whole new dimension to coffee drinking. Unique in so many ways, it’s 100 % leak proof, dishwasher safe and most importantly - it keeps coffee warm for up to 2 hours! With specially designed holder you can easily set it down anywhere and focus on your tasks, while holding a phone for the next meeting call. Or just take a bike and drive along with your Mug, thanks to its cross body strap.

So, rush is actually fine. It’s just the new way that pushes the human race forward. A nice fact though is, that you can now even take time for a comforting treat during those hectic moments. To just pour coffee in this trendy horn-shaped Mug and enjoy every moment of this exquisite beverage.

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