Nurturing 3rd wave coffee drinking generation

Coffee-enthusiastic GOAT STORY team first impressed coffee lovers with a horn-shaped coffee tumbler GOAT Mug. Major success of their first Kickstarter campaign progressed into a new coffee story with GINA, the first smart coffee instrument which reached their Kickstarter goal in less than 8 hours. Young Slovene team follows the 3rd wave coffee drinking trend and is bringing coffee loving community to one place with their unique creation.
Third wave of coffee drinking is a coffee trend taking over the world. It is a movement that considers coffee as a whole experience and appreciates the holistic approach of coffee path from the bean all the way to your cup. That includes its origin, background, stages of production and coffee brewing. Coffee professionals treat coffee as a product that varies in taste depending on its origin, background and coffee brewing process.
GOAT STORY wants to enable special coffee experience to all coffee lovers that share similar vision and values. They designed GINA: an all-in-one coffee instrument combining classic brewing methods with latest technology. A built-in smart scale and a mobile app guide the users through the brewing process to their perfect coffee cup. Water flow is controlled with a special valve, which enables experimenting with different brewing techniques. Coffee lovers can try different brewing techniques with GINA: a classic pour-over, enjoy the rich flavor of immersion coffee or cool down with cold drip.
GOAT STORY team feels that coffee drinking became just an everyday routine to many of coffee drinkers without acknowledging how much hard work was put in their morning coffee cup. Young team believes that coffee brewing and drinking should be a respectful ritual and a special experience. With GINA, this can be achieved every single time, with every single cup.

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