It’s always a good time for coffee

Nowadays, life is just like one big rush. Keeping up with rapidly moving innovation we almost need to run to keep feeding our growth. That requires a lot of energy, so no wonder some coffee is a very necessary boost - and we barely have time to even make one! Luckily, the technology keeps pace with it by offering the best solution, shaped into The GOAT Mug. The project was supported by more than 10.000 people on Kickstarter earlier this year and it’s available for purchase now.

Devoted to trends and technology we surely pay great attention to the innovation we consume. Being constantly on the go, we grasp for a solution tailored to suit our exact needs. GOAT Mug is a great fit for those lifestyle desires. A trendy solution, crafted into goat’s horn brings a whole new dimension to coffee drinking. Unique in so many ways, it’s 100 % leak proof, dishwasher safe and most importantly - it keeps coffee warm for up to 2 hours! With specially designed holder you can easily set it down anywhere and focus on your tasks, while holding a phone for the next meeting call. Or just take a bike and drive along with your Mug, thanks to its cross body strap.

So, rush is actually fine. It’s just the new way that pushes the human race forward. A nice fact though is, that you can now even take time for a comforting treat during those hectic moments. To just pour coffee in this trendy horn-shaped Mug and enjoy every moment of this exquisite beverage.

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GOAT MUG – a coffee mug designed in a shape of a goat’s horn, launched earlier this year with a successful Kickstarter campaign, made its first live appearance at the Designjunction exhibition in London this September.

Designjunction is a modern and cultural design exhibition, held on yearly bases as a part of the London Design Week. It holds innovative designer exhibitions on unusual industrial premises. This year it hosted more than 200 designers and exhibitors from all over the world.

The VICTORIA HOUSE venue hosted G OAT STORY team and their POP UP SHOP designed exclusively for this occasion. The space was designed to give visitors a feeling of entering into the world of coffee. The classy copper tubes with metal mesh presented a rough framework of the room, which was then warmed down with stained wood shelving and covered in smell of freshly grinded coffee.

The ‘coffee lab’ feel was created with the precisely designed D rip coffee making system that offered visitors a look into a preparation of carefully selected Ethiopian coffee.

Visitors were encouraged to enter the space and experience the feeling of GOAT STORY brand. It was all about expressing the brand's love for innovative design, smart solutions and an eye for details. The star of the show was definitely the horn shaped GOAT Mug which embodies all what brand believes in and strives towards.

GOAT Mug is a coffee mug in a shape of a goat’s horn. Its shape was inspired after the team learned about the legend that the enchanting power of the coffee bean was first discovered by a 9th century Ethiopian goatherd who noticed his goats going a little bonkers after gorging on the berries of a coffee plant.

Designed for people on the go, each GOAT Mug comes with a set of straps, short and long, which enables one to easily carry their coffee while walking to work, taking the subway or even biking around the city.

However one of the most exciting features of the GOAT Mug is its holder, which serves as an insulator, but can easily turn into a mug’s stand for any flat surface.

“GOAT STORY is about coffee’s discovery, which after all presented the inspiration for the creation of the whole project and the design of such a unique product. People from all corners of the world are enthusiastic about the product and many are already happily using it. Now, the time has come to present it to the broader public and London is definitely the right place for it.” – Anže Miklavec, the creator of GOAT STORY.

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First live appearance of the GOAT MUG - at the Designjunction fair in London

GOAT STORY – goat’s horn shaped coffee mug is going to make a first live appearance at the Desigjunction fair in London.

The English capital is going to host the Designjuction fair from 24th until the 27th of September. Designjunction is a modern and cultural design fair, held yearly as part of the London design week. It holds innovative designer exhibitions on unusual industrial premises. It is going to host more than 200 designers and exhibitors from all over the world. The main event is going to be divided into two locations: one is reserved for the trade focused brands and the other one will welcome premium products designers. The latter is going to be the GOAT STORY team’s new home for the following 5 days.

Until this event, GOAT Mug was presented only via on-line and printed media as well as Kickstarter and GOAT STORY website. This week, it is going to be available to anyone who wants to check it out live. The team has been preparing for the fair for the past couple of months and is eagerly expecting all of the fans who are going to have the chance to have a cup of coffee at the GOAT STORY pop-up shop in London. Coffee is going to be made in a special drip coffee system developed by a GOAT STORY’s in-house industrial designer. Also, the whole booth installation was designed in-house and is made solely from semi-finished products.

“GOAT STORY is a story about coffee’s discovery, that was after all the inspiration for the whole project and the design of such a unique product. People from all corners of the world are enthusiastic about the product and many are already happily using it. Now, the time has come to present it to a broader public and London is definitely the right place for it.” – Anže Miklavec, the creator of GOAT STORY.

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Trend alert: stay cool while drinking coffee on the go!

In today’s time-starved world we’re constantly on the lookout for ways to afford us a few precious extra minutes doing something else. Most people, particularly those living in busy cities, rarely have time to drink coffee in the morning or even take time to go to the coffee shop on the way to work. And that’s where modern and stylish GOAT STORY coffee Mug comes in, to make those busy people’s lives easier. It is one of the most unique and fashionable coffee mugs around, designed especially for daily travellers and people who are on the top of fashion trends and want to stand out of the crowd.

Want to have coffee with you everywhere you go? Done. Don’t feel like going to the nearest Starbucks on a rainy Saturday? Sorted. One of the ultimate joys of the modern age is to do everything on the go yet appreciating enjoying good and quality coffee. Urban lifestyle modern people want to be different, follow fashion trends and still take time for their coffee routine. And that’s whom GOAT Mug is designed for. We kept in mind that you have to stay trendy and in style, therefore we offer you GOAT Mugs in four different variations to choose: Brown, Black, Hemp and Marsala. Choose the one that fits your style the most!

There are a lot of different coffee mugs for the go out there, all of which do pretty much what they say on the tin: you can take it with you wherever you go – but only a handful of them are exceptional. We can proudly say GOAT STORY is one of them! Its special and cool design surely does

Prices start at $28 and up to $33, depending on model and material, which is certainly reasonable for the quality of product, and you can place your order at any time on, from your sofa.

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Original GOAT MUGS are on the way to your front door!

The GOAT STORY is a story that shows everything from early beginnings of discovering coffee to drinking it with style. If you are a coffee lover and you like to be stylish – you simply have to get one for yourself. It will change your life and give you the whole new experience of drinking coffee.

 You can tell that Goat mug is not only a coffee mug; it is much more than that. It is a fashion accessory that transforms drinking coffee on the go into an amazing experience of carrying coffee around in style. You would think it’s shape makes it impossible to have it standing on the table, but the smart solution of a mug holder is amazing as it can easily transform into a mug stand. You can style it with whatever you wear as you can get it in four different colors; black, brown, marsala and hemp.

Our mission is to take a good care of the nature’s wealth, so we created the mug made from 100% eco materials, which can be fully recycled. It is BPA FREE, dishwasher friendly and sustainable as it helps reduce the usage of disposable plastic and paper cups, and enables one to reuse it over and over again. It will keep hot liquids warm for as long as two hours. Last but not least - you will never again have to worry about coffee stains on your jeans, as it is 100% leak proof.

We witnessed huge success of Goat mug on Kickstarter where it impressed 10.617 people who supported the product from its early beginning. The campaign’s goal was reached in less than 48 hours, which set the project to become one of the most successful ones.

We are now proud to announce that we have started shipping Goat mugs today! There is no excuse anymore – get one for yourself and bring style to your coffee drinking.


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