Coffee Geek Bundle (Save $40)
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Coffee Geek Bundle (Save $40)

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Coffee is nothing without the proper brew gear and the best brewer in the world can not help you if you don't have the beans to brew. We made life simple for you. We took our award winning, Brewers Cup rockin', smart tech driven and super stylish GINA Smart Coffee Instrument and added a selection of two amazing coffees, freshly roasted in our in-house roastery. Sounds good? Tastes good!

What's included in this bundle?
- One GINA Smart Coffee Instrument in a color of your choice
- One Specialty Selection Coffee Box with two packs of amazing coffee


GINA is an award winning smart coffee instrument that turns coffee brewing into a special experience. With a precision valve to control the drip, an integrated precision scale and a dedicated brewing app, it enables you to brew coffee with pour over, immersion and cold drip methods.


Fresh out of the GOAT STORY roastery comes the Specialty Selection Box. We selected two wonderful coffees to give you a peek at what origin is all about. Two regions, two characters. A not ordinary natural Colombian microlot and an exciting and enticing washed Kenyan coffee.

The Specialty Selection Box contains:
200g of Colombia La Marianela Microlot Specialty Coffee

200g of Kenya Ndaroini AB Specialty Coffee 


The Colombia La Marianela is a well balanced, clean, sweet coffee with clear and well integrated flavors.
Variety: Caturra, Catimor
Process: Natural/Sun Dried
Score: 84.0 points
Altitude range: 1650m - 1800m
Aroma: Very intense aroma when dry and at break.
Flavors: Red fruit, cherry, rum, fermented cocoa, tropical fruit.
Acidity: Medium malic.
Body: Medium coating.

The Kenya Ndaroini is a mystery of complex, vibrant and smooth flavors.
: SL28, SL34
Process: Washed
Score: 88.0 points
Altitude range: 1800m
Aroma: Long and complex berry-tinted aftertaste.
Flavors: Lemon, brown sugar, tabacco, mango, vanilla, nutmeg, blackberry, custard
Acidity: Vibrant citric, malic and phosphoric acidity.
Body: Juicy and creamy body. 

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