Ethiopia Suke Quto Honey

Ethiopia Suke Quto Honey

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Suke Quto stands for quality when it comes to Ethiopian coffees. We have been fans of the Suke Quto washed coffee for over a year now but now we got our hands on a limited batch of Tesfaye's honey processed coffee. A wonderfully juicy and complex coffee that fits both filter and espresso.

We must confess - we love coffees from the Guji region. And even more, we love coffees from the Suke Quto washing station. The Guji region is, in our opinion, becoming one of the best coffee regions in Ethiopia and we have one man to thank - Mr. Tesfaye Bekele, owner of the Suke Quto washing station and the man who brought coffee in the region.


Perfect for: Pour over (filter)

Also works lovely as: Espresso, Cold Brew, French Press, Aeropress


Taste notes: Blood orange, Plum, Nectar, Rue, Honey bitters, Butterscotch

Variety: Welicho & Kurume

Altitude: 1800m – 2200m

Process: Honey

Quality score: 86.75

Light to medium roast

100% Arabica Coffee

Net weight: 250g/500g

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