Ethiopia Ye Genet

Ethiopia Ye Genet

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Now this is one funky coffee! A sweet natural from the Guji region is clean in flavor but super juicy. Ypur perfect companion for every kind of brew method, from filter to espresso and everything in between.

For the past six years, Trabocca (who we source the coffee from) has been working alongside Mr. Tsegaye Hagos. Tsegaye is known for being one of the most consistent people in producing high-quality coffees from the Guji region. The idea to open Ye Genet washing station did not take root in personal ambition, but rather in the migration of Gedeo people; from Gedeo to Guji.

The Gedeo’s have a land shortage. A great number of smallholders left their homes and settled in Guji, including the Kercha and Hambela Wamena woreda’s. Both area’s offer far more space than the overcrowded Gedeo zone. Tsegaye finds out that these migrants have coffee growing experience and attracts the best among them to deliver cherries at Ye Genet. These Gedeo’s are the workforce behind Ye Genet.

The farmers are consistent in picking fully ripe cherries; a practice our agronomist has never seen elsewhere in Ethiopia. Farmers work with the same varieties and use a systematic farming system to produce more uniform beans. The conditions in the surrounding area are also excellent. Fertile red-brown soil that is rich in iron. Young and vital coffee trees. And astonishing altitudes that surpass 2000 m.a.s.l.

Tsegaye gives the smallholders financial incentives to deliver good cherries. On top of that, he initiates social projects to improve conditions in the area. For instance, the construction of a school building for the children of the coffee community.


Perfect for: Pour over (filter)

Also works lovely as: Espresso, Moka pot, French Press, Aeropress, Cold Brew


Tastes like: Cherry, Bergamot, Strawberry, White tea, Florals

Variety: Ethioipian Heirloom

Altitude: 1950m – 2250m

Process: Natural

Quality score: 83

Light to medium roast

100% Arabica Coffee

Net weight: 250g/500g

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