Hand in Hand Blend 250g | 100% charity donation
Hand in Hand Blend 250g | 100% charity donation

Hand in Hand Blend 250g | 100% charity donation

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100% of sales from this coffee will be donated to Anina zvezdica (Anna's Star)a charitable foundation that supports families in need.

Coffee is all about community and it is an opportunity to give back to those who need us. Every month, we will pick an organization to support. And because transparency is at the core of our values, we will make sure they are ethical and trustworthy. 


About this blend

After solely focusing on single origin coffees, we thought it's time to blend. Meet Hand in Hand, our first ever specialty coffee blend. A modern espresso blend that combines the strong character of Brazilian coffees with subtle fruity and floral notes of Ethiopian coffees. It also works perfect as turkish coffee, aeropress or french press.

Hand in hand is packed in 250g bags.

Hand in hand is a seasonal blend that will change through the months. Because specialty coffee is ever changing. New season, new harvest, new crop - new blend. For our first 2020 edition, we crafted a recipe with three coffees that make this blend so very special:

1. Brazil Varginha (50%)
The perfect base for espresso blends! This Brazilian natural is responsible for the strong character and smooth chocolate and nutty flavors.

2. Ethiopia Gera (25%)
With sparkling acidity and smooth fruity notes, this vibrant Ethiopian washed coffee gives the Hand in Hand blend its sparkling flavor.

3. Brazil Espirito Santo Village Project (25%)
This washed Brazilian is the equalizer between the other two coffees in this specialty blend. Smooth and clean, it rounds up the acidity and sparkle from the Ethiopa Gera and darker notes that come from the Brazil Varginha.



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