Coffeeholic Mug Bundle (Save up to $10)
Coffeeholic Mug Bundle (Save up to $10)
Coffeeholic Mug Bundle (Save up to $10)
Coffeeholic Mug Bundle (Save up to $10)
Coffeeholic Mug Bundle (Save up to $10)
$45.50 USD

Coffeeholic Mug Bundle (Save up to $10)

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Treat yourself to a selection of two amazing coffees and a one-of-a-kind reusable coffee mug that is bound to turn heads when you cruise the streets,

What's included in this bundle?
- One not ordinary GOAT Mug in a color of your choice
- One Specialty Selection Coffee Box with two packs of amazing coffee


A unique horn-shaped coffee mug that brings style to your coffee drinking. It comes with a set of two faux leather straps for easy carrying and a special holder that turns into a stand for your Mug.


Fresh out of the GOAT STORY roastery comes the Specialty Selection Box. We selected two wonderful coffees to give you a peek at what origin is all about. Two regions, two characters. A not ordinary natural Colombian microlot and an exciting and enticing washed Kenyan coffee.

The Specialty Selection Box contains:
200g of Colombia La Marianela Microlot Specialty Coffee

200g of Kenya Ndaroini AB Specialty Coffee 


The Colombia La Marianela is a well balanced, clean, sweet coffee with clear and well integrated flavors.
Variety: Caturra, Catimor
Process: Natural/Sun Dried
Score: 84.0 points
Altitude range: 1650m - 1800m
Aroma: Very intense aroma when dry and at break.
Flavors: Red fruit, cherry, rum, fermented cocoa, tropical fruit.
Acidity: Medium malic.
Body: Medium coating.

The Kenya Ndaroini is a mystery of complex, vibrant and smooth flavors.
: SL28, SL34
Process: Washed
Score: 88.0 points
Altitude range: 1800m
Aroma: Long and complex berry-tinted aftertaste.
Flavors: Lemon, brown sugar, tabacco, mango, vanilla, nutmeg, blackberry, custard
Acidity: Vibrant citric, malic and phosphoric acidity.
Body: Juicy and creamy body. 

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