Best drink for CELEBRATION!

Reading time: 4 sips of coffee ☕☕☕☕


As we enrich our lives with all big (or small) victories, the same important decision comes every single time: with which beverage we should make toast? ;) Here we pour ourselves a drink that not only gives you hyper powers … but loosens you up a bit too. Yes, it’s the IRISH COFFEE. 


WHAT do you need?

  • Freshly brewed Coffee
  • Whiskey (make sure it’s a fine one!)
  • Cream (fresh and lightly whipped)
  • Ice cubes

HOW to proceed? 

- Brew some nice coffee with pour-over, immersion or cold drip technique. (With GINA you’ll easily make all 3, but we prefer the cold drip). Pour it in a glass filled with ice cubes. 

- Add a “desired amount” of Whiskey. We prefer the finest selection from our friends at Flaviar, bringing you a true tasting experience 😉

- Stir well and finally pour the lightly whipped cream slowly over the backside of a hot teaspoon so it caps the cocktail below perfectly.

- Cheers! You’ve just made yourself a drink that will make this last eve worth remembering.

📎 NOTE: don’t stir cream with mixture below. Rather enjoy drinking this delicious elixir all the way through that nice and firm cream. 

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HOW Coffee affects Love?

Reading time: 2 coffee sips ☕️☕️



We like love so much, we dedicated an entire day to it. But with every Valentine’s Day the same question pops up: HOW to show love to the ones we care for? We know the answer: it’s a cup of COFFEE. Here’s why:

  • The best way to one’s heart is through his stomach. Coffee (and food in general) always evoke positive feelings. Specially if we take time to consume them next to the person we like. So take time to brew some nice coffee and to really enjoy it with your special one. 
  • Caffeine makes people more attentive. Besides evoking positive vibes between the two of you, you will also receive more attention from your loved one (and vice versa). 
  • Caffeine is a stimulant. As such it energizes your whole body, gets your heart pumping and your blood running wild - which are basically the same feelings we experience when excited with love.

🌟 Golden advice:
Take care for the caffeine intake of your loved ones. Pick their favorite GOAT Mug (some now with discounts) at: + add our crazy Valentine’s CARDS to cheer them up 

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3 brewing techniques for every occasion

You already know that freshly ground coffee beans are a gift from heaven. Now it’s time to turn this into magic. With some great brewing techniques!

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What (also) makes a good coffee maker?

You know the saying "clothes make the man"? Well, the same goes for coffee brewing instruments ant the materials used for them. Read which materials best fit a coffee maker.
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How to Grind your Coffee?

Should I grind my coffee? But why? What equipment do I need? Can I even do it? How? Too many questions? ... I need coffee. 

Read our short grind guide and enjoy the best possible coffee, no matter the brewing method.

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