What (also) makes a good coffee maker?

You know the saying "clothes make the man"? Well, the same goes for coffee brewing instruments ant the materials used for them. Read which materials best fit a coffee maker.
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How to Grind your Coffee?

Should I grind my coffee? But why? What equipment do I need? Can I even do it? How? Too many questions? ... I need coffee. 

Read our short grind guide and enjoy the best possible coffee, no matter the brewing method.

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Pre-ground coffe and why it's not worth it

With every day comes this lovely routine of ours: making our beloved dark beverage - coffee. 

Let’s be honest - during this procedure, sometimes the question pops up: “Hm, is this right? Should I use the brown powder from the store or should I rather grind the coffee beans myself?” A smart question deserves a smart answer: grind coffee by yourself! Read why.

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How to become a home barista

Do you know that special feeling of making a cup of coffee you will gladly show off with to your friends? You will now. Here are 3 essential tools you need to finally master coffee brewing.

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How did the story of Goat Story begin?

Every story has its first chapter. Ours goes back a looong time. It’s when the famous coffee myth took place: a flock of goats stumbled upon a bush of red berries (coffee beans), chewed a bit on them and ... they went CRAZY! Their smart shepherd wanted to join in on the party and brewed those berries and brought us this worldwide beloved dark potion.
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Our website just got a makeover

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