Will the Blue Bottle coffee have Nestlé "aftertaste" from now on?

For a true coffee connoisseur, now is a great time to be alive! The last decade or two has brought us a true transformation of coffee from a robust commodity to an exquisite specialty. 

More than ever are we aware of that rich flavored drink in our cups, of the origin of the beans and the wellbeing and education of the farmers that grow it, year after year. They do not treat their coffee plants as a cash crop, but as a complex plant that needs special care to produce special beans. We understand the importance of the roasting process and we learned to love and respect small batch roasters that meticulously check the beans they get from the farmers and can give us a new nuance of a bean in each of their next batches. We learned to respect all coffee preparation methods, as each of them has the power of diversifying our taste for coffee.  

Anze Miklavec, the creator of Goat Story, is passionate about the ethics and transparency of the whole coffee chain: “We at Goat Story, as a coffee device manufacturer, are super happy to see small batch roasters working closely with coffee farmers, educating them, paying them a fair price for their beans. And we’re happy to see that people who enjoy drinking coffee have developed a taste for specialty coffee, are willing to explore its different ways of preparation and have respect for the roasters.”

The specialty coffee industry as a whole has matured and many “third wave coffee” businesses have grown. Some of them beyond anything we could have imagined. We might have seen some of them as an inspiration, a role model, an important part of this friendly community. That is why the news of Nestlé taking majority stake in Blue Bottle was oh so shocking. Blue Bottle was, in our opinion, one of the largest and best specialty coffee operations, catering to hardcore coffee fans, with a clear focus on freshly roasted beans, including pour over coffee in their coffee shops and a clear and ethical sourcing of coffee. It was a true success story, growing from a single stand at a farmer’s market to becoming a huge player in the specialty coffee field that has grown way beyond a “coffee place”. Blue Bottle was a true coffee start-up that had been gathering capital from prominent (especially Silicone Valley) investors. But it was also clear that Blue Bottle was never shy about its aspire to expand.

On the other hand, you have Nestlé, a food giant that is hard to escape, as it controls a huge part of the world’s food business, coffee included. And it is moving into the more ethical and organic side of food, as their purchase of Blue Bottle was preceded by the purchase of Sweet Earth, a vegetarian food maker and Freshly, a health food maker before that.

The backlash after the news hit the coffee community was harsh, with loyal customers turning their backs on Blue Bottle. And while James, the founder of the company assured that nothing will change regarding their product and service, the community doesn’t trust Nestlé and their sometimes shady practice and mass produced coffee that was a target of criticism by Blue Bottle itself in the past. Their customers are now concerned that Blue Bottle will lose its edge under the Nestlé's umbrella and feel that the company sold out to big money. 

It is a choice of investor that is difficult to understand, except from a financial point of view. Blue Bottle and Nestlé clearly stand on the opposite side of the spectrum. Miklavec comments, “while I don’t really know all the details of this deal, I do hope that James will manage to keep the high standards for coffee and service that he established in the 15 years of existence of Blue Bottle.” But that yummy cup of Blue Bottle is now, no matter how good, forever plagued with a sour aftertaste of instant coffee.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the Blue Bottle deal with Nestlé in the comments below.

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GOAT Mug's adventure to magical Dolomites!

By guest blogger: Alja Nike Skrt, Ljubeznice 
Every adventure ever starts with a good cup of coffee. Every plan, every ride, every hike. And we decided to take the number one coffee mug, the GOAT Mug, to where it feels the most at home. On the road, over the hills and rivers, deep into the land of mountains and lakes, to try where coffee tastes better: by the lake, under the grand rock formations, on top of a glacier (high in the clouds) or in the back of the car, where we started our everyday journeys. Follow our goat story to a magical place, called the Dolomites!
After the first cup of coffee, we started with a hike to the otherworldly lake Sorapis. You really have to experience it for yourself. The colour of the lake is just unbelievable! On the way back we filled our GOAT Mugs with fresh water from a waterfall.
Then we did the Sella ronda tour of 4 alpine passes and spent the night on 2240m above the sea. We got up really early, made coffee, poured it into our Goat mugs and hiked even higher over Passo Pordoi to wait for the sun. Nothing better than sunrise & coffee!

Some extreme winds blew us back down into the valley, but we got back strong and went even higher. With a funicular from the Fedaia lake, we went all the way up to the rocky Marmolada terrain and hiked up to the brink of the glacier. We soaked up the sun and another mug of fresh icy mountain water!
Over the Giau pass and through Cortina d'Ampezzo we got up again and had dinner by the lake in Misurina and found a perfect place to watch the sunset on almost 2400m, just under the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, maybe the most famous landmark of the Dolomites.
We have saved the best for last. Breakfast with coffee, watching another sunrise and then hiking around the Tre Cime. LIFE!
We LOVE coffee. So it`s not a coincidence, we fell in love with GOAT Mug too. The fact that it can carry a good amount of coffee to everywhere you may go and keep it warm for long periods of time, is already enough. Then come the looks and functionality. You cannot go wrong with those leather straps and holders and you can carry it on your belt, over the shoulders, on your back while climbing. It`s always there and it fits like a glove.
Thanks a lot team GOAT STORY, we have really enjoyed this epic adventure. Here's to many more: CHEERS!
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WHY is Coffee Crucial to your Traveling?

There's one thing all great journeys have in common: they all start with COFFEE
It may seem like a routine for a coffee addict like yourself, but it's probably one of the most smart decisions you make. Wonder WHY? 


Coffee, with its tons of benefits, is actually a pretty precious cargo. One that combats many obstacles along your way and the one that turns your journey into an adventure. Here's how: 
  • Coffee improves driving performance. Well, not actually the style of your driving (work on this by yourself), but the whole manoeuvre of it that keeps you and others on the road safe. 


  • It reduces sleepiness. You know these monotone highroads ... not only they don't contribute to the dynamics of your journey, they can get you asleep quicker than a lullaby. Which is very dangerous. 
  • It can cure the traveling fatigue. The unpleasant thing that doesn't come in handy when you're on your way to experience the World, right?

  • It increases alertness. To not only admire all beautiful sights around you, but to be focused on the road with all its unpredictable obstacles. 

  • It beats the unpleasant jet lag. You know travelling across time zones takes its toll - beat it like a boss with a nice cup of joe. 


The point is: wherever your path leads, make sure you carry enough COFFEE with you. It's a necessary booster and an important companion. Like thousands of travellers around the globe: you can do it with your favorite GOAT Mug

Show us where's your next adventure taking you! Share it on Instagram using #goatstory and #neverstopexploring ... we'll highlight the best ones ;) 



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    Ice cold Recipe for a proper COLD Drip

    There's (almost) nothing better than a nicely brewed COLD Drip on a steaming hot summer day. Trust us. It brings the boost, it cools you down ... and it tastes delicious. 

    Want to try one? Well, we happen to brew a neat VIDEO RECIPE for you, using exquisite coffee beans from our friends at Taylor St. Baristas coffee.

    Check it out and try it yourself with your GINA



    COLD DRIP recipe with GINA:


    - GINA + cold drip module
    - Coffee (Ratio 1:8)
    - Crushed ice cubes
    - Cold water


    1. Add ground coffee in the cold drip module
    2. Pre-soak grounds with cold water
    3. Fill the cone with ice + cold water
    4. Tune the valve to set drop speed
    5. Let it drip … the taste is worth the wait!
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    Ice Coffee RECIPE for hot summer days

    This summer heat must be really influencing your productivity. Exhaustion that comes within just calls for some ... ice cold refreshment, right?

    Don't worry we'll get through it the best way we can: with COFFEE. And a bit of ICE. 

    We joined forces with our friends at Union hand-roasted Coffee and brewed a refreshingly cold coffee with some special trick! 

    Take a look at our VIDEO recipe below ... and try it out with your GINA





      • GINA + cold drip module
      • Crushed ice cubes 
      • Double strength brewed coffee (ratio 1: 8) 


    1. Fill GINA’s container with crushed ice cubes
    2. Open the valve
    3. Brew Pour-over coffee over ice
    4. Close the valve

    ... serve with style! ;) 

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