WHAT is the Third Wave of Coffee?

As a coffee addict you’ve probably heard about it a few times lately. What WAVE are we talking about? Well, it’s definitely the one you’ll want to ride!


Reading time: 4 coffee sips ☕️☕️☕️☕️


We’re talking about the coffee MOVEMENT treating coffee with respect. By improving all stages of its production: from plant growing, harvesting, processing to building strong relationships between coffee growers, roasters and traders. With one goal - to provide higher quality and fresh roasting for your everyday cup.  

Every “third” has its first and second, right? Let’s take a quick tour of all three waves:

  •  1st Wave: coffee was brought to households with exponentially growing consumption (but received criticism for sacrificing taste and quality for its mass production).
  • 2nd Wave: playing with coffee tastes and the opening of numerous coffee shops and cafés.
  • 3rd Wave: a movement to produce high-quality coffee, considering it as an artisanal foodstuff, like wine, rather than a commodity.

Now you know we mean it when we say “Discover all shades and tastes a coffee bean has to offer”. Because every single bean varies in taste, depending on its origin, background, production and brewing technique you use. It’s just waiting for you to explore it.

So ENJOY THE RIDE and as we say … make your coffee brewing a special experience. Every single time, with every single cup ;) 

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HOW to make Cold Drip Coffee?

Want to show your friends what "chill out" really means? Impress them by preparing a slightly different caffeinated potion: brew with cold drip!


Reading time: 3 coffee sips ☕☕



Cold drip is a coffee brewing technique using cold water to slowly drip through freshly ground coffee. Yes, it’s COLD water. And the brewing process can take from 1-24 hours, depending of course on your flavor preferences and how long can you and your friends survive without coffee ;) See how to approach:



Why should it be worth the wait? 

Cold extraction retains the unique flavors of each coffee bean and eliminates most of the bitter oils. So you are left with the most delicious coffee taste … and truly impressed friends. 

💡 GOLDEN IDEA: Serve your cold drip with some ice cubes and spice it a bit by adding a mint leaf + orange slice + a bit of cinnamon. Yum! 

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HOW to brew Immersion Coffee?

Reading time: 1 coffee sip ☕ 


We all know the feeling of coming home tired after a loooong day. When all you want to do is to slip in comfortable clothes, grab sweets and merge with the couch for the rest of the evening. Here’s an idea: instead of emptying your candy stash, you can treat yourself with some delicious coffee you brew with IMMERSION.



What exactly is immersion? Good question. It’s basically soaking the ground coffee in hot water to get the richest taste. With GINA you can manage this with her specially developed VALVE. You close it and soak coffee grounds in the ceramic funnel, then open it and release the beverage. Simple as that ... and we even made a video to help you out with this:  


💡 The best part of IMMERSION? Immersed in hot water, coffee grounds turn into an amazingly rich coffee. Its sweet flavor is like a healthier chocolate alternative ... and who could resist that? ;)

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HOW to make Pour Over Coffee

Reading time: 4 coffee sips ☕☕☕☕

If you are like us, mornings without your coffee sound like the worst type of torture. It’s just this part of the day, when you’re trying to find the easiest way to get your caffeinated booster. Sooo … what is our suggestion on that topic? 

COFFEE brewed by good old POUR-OVER technique is the way to go!


All you have to do is pour hot water over freshly ground coffee beans resting in a filter. The 1st pour will create blooming with those seductive bubbles (oh my!) and the 2nd pour the elegant flow of coffee (you’ll control it with GINA’s valve). All that sums up perfectly ... in pure beverage that’ll wake you up for sure: 


💡 The best part of pour-over? It allows you to control taste, strength and other coffee factors better than other brewing techniques! It takes just few moments and you are left with a delicious drink that energizes you and gets you ready for your day.  

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6 BENEFITS of drinking TEA

Reading time: 3 sips of tea 🍵🍵🍵

At first it looks like soaking some leaves into steaming water. But - OH NO, it is faaar more than that. It’s the whole aromatic experience that comes with it. And it doesn’t matter, if you’re Black, White, Green or Oolong - as long as you drink TEA, it will also continue to improve your well being and health. 

  • TEA contains antioxidants. They keep you young and protect you from “damage”. It’s almost like becoming immortal. 
  • Helps with weight loss. It helps your digestive system to process all your daily intake.
  • It’s hydrating to your body. Since we’re all made of 70 % water, this is just crucial.
  • It increases memory, focus and concentration. Scientifically proven.
  • Boosts the immune system. Say goodbye to illness. 
  • It’s calorie free. It’s like a tasty version of water - you can drink as much as you like, and you’ll hardly gain a pound.

💡 Also a good news: you can make your favorite cup of TEA with GINA. To show you how, we crafted a VIDEO below:

Just like it is with tea, you can also pick your favorite “kind” of GINA: Black, White or Steel ... and this is just TEA-rrific, right? 

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