Emi Fukahori's winning recipe

Want to try the brewing method that Emi Fukahori used to win the World Brewers Cup? Here's the recipe! Use it wisely!
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Emi Fukahori at WBrC 2018!

Emi Fukahori has been completely involved in coffee for the last few years. Profesionally and in private life as well. She enjoys tasting different flavours in a cup and sharing that experience together with her friends and customers at my cafe MAME in Zurich. And guess what? Emi is one of the finalists of the World Brewers Cup in Belo Horizonte, Brasil!
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Where do our coffees come from?

With specialty coffees focusing on discovering the flavors and character of single origin coffees, a rough sense of where the coffee we’re about to drink comes from will give us the basic information about what to expect from a coffee.
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To blend or not to blend - a single origin story

The ever-lasting question: what makes a coffee blend and what makes a single origin coffee. Read our coffee banter about the two and see which one fits you better.
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Ljubljana Coffee Festival incoming!

Many travellers and tourists describe Ljubljana as Europe’s hidden gem. As a company whose headquarters is located in this cozy little capital, we can agree for sure. But what we were missing in years back was a coffee festival that highlights the specialty coffee scene that is evolving in this small subalpine country.

There were already a few attempts for a coffee festival, but we see 2018 as a new era for specialty coffee in Slovenia – hooray for Ljubljana Coffee Festival 2018!


We’re almost there. The festival kicks off on Friday (October 5th) and we’ll see two days of coffee lovers enjoying the flavors, aromas and the buzz of coffee in the spectacular location at the Ljubljana City Museum.

GOAT STORY will be there with a superb choice of coffees and we’ll be brewing those on our GINA Smart Coffee Instrument. So feel free to drop by our stand (it won’t be hard to find, as we’ll be located next to the festival’s brew bar) and let’s talk (and drink) coffee!

By the way – if you are planning on visiting Ljubljana Coffee Festival, we have great news for you! Visit our Facebook page and get a chance to win two tickets to the festival.

See you in Ljubljana!

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Our website just got a makeover

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