Coffee on Kickstarter - Fail or Success?

Is Kickstarter the way to go when it comes to new coffee gear? European Coffee Trip took a look at three coffee projects that succeeded on Kickstarter and three that failed epically. A valuable lesson for everyone that wants to make it in the world of crowdfunding.
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SMART or BASIC: Which GINA suits your coffee needs?

Now this is a question that has been asked quite a lot: What is the difference between GINA Smart and GINA Basic? Let’s get a bit in-depth about what are the differences between the two.

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Fresh out of the GOAT STORY Roastery!

This December we are finally ready to give you a sneak peek of cofee beans from the GOAT STORY Roastery with the Specialty Selection Box. A collection of two very special coffees with completely opposite characters. We roasted them carefully and packed them in a stylish gift box. Just in time for Christmas!
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Let’s talk acidity

Some like it, some don't. Acidity. What to do if you have a bag of coffee that is waaay too acidic for your taste? Can you mute that vibrancy in your pour over? You can. But the process is not as simple as turning down the volume knob ...
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Ethiopia or Brazil for your cold brew?

In our first edition of the Cold Brew Kit we offer you two choices of coffee. Both are full of flavor but each has a distinct character. Are you ready to meet them?

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Our website just got a makeover

And you get to enjoy 10% OFF shopping GOAT Mugs.