About the bean: The waves of coffee

They say all good things come in waves that make a huge difference. Coffee is no different. It’s said we are now “surfing” the third wave of coffee. With all the talk about the third wave – what were the first two waves actually?

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About a Bean: The Grind

OK, you have your nice beans from the roaster and you have your coffee brewer of choice. What next? Well, it’s grinding time!!!

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About a bean: Special(ty) people

After great feedback from last week’s blog post about specialty coffee, a lot of our readers wanted to know a bit more about how a cup of specialty coffee is different from a “regular” cup. Apart from the quality of coffee itself, it is about the people who produce it. Let’s see who is responsible for your cup of coffee.

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About a bean: Specialty coffee – 80+ or is there more to it?

A while ago we sent out a survey to our community about coffee tasting where one of the questions touched the term “specialty coffee” and its definition. Actually, roughly 64 % of the respondents claimed they know what specialty coffee is, while 36 % didn’t know the meaning (but almost all are willing to learn more). So here it is - our little banter about specialty coffee.

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About a Bean: The process

There are three most common methods for treating coffee cherries: Natural Process, Washed (wet) process and Honey process (pulped natural). There is no general rule about the treatment of cherries, but it will mostly depend on the region and seasonal weather.

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