Agitation (flavor is just a stir away)

Agitation is just a fancy word for stirring or otherwise putting coffee in motion. Yeah, as simple as that. But what stirring your coffee while brewing does to the final cup is not quite as simple.

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The Ratio (it's just a bit of math in coffee brewing)

So what ‘s the deal with this ratio that everyone is talking about? It is actually one of the first “settings” when you are brewing a cup of coffee.

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From bean to cup - behind the scenes

For all of us that live in the world of specialty coffee it’s a business that’s almost romantic, creative, sustainable and all the ooohs and aaahs. But let’s be honest. It’s not. Coffee, even the specialty part, is business. Let’s see why …
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Talking coffee

We compiled a list of common expressions that you'll hear when talking to specialty coffee geeks. Learn them by heart by the time you order your next cup of coffee.
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The Berlin World of Coffee survival guide

Yay, it’s (almost) time for Berlin World Of Coffee 2019!!! From June 6th to 8th coffee lovers will gather for Europe’s largest Specialty Coffee trade Show. A Festival of Innovation, Entertainment & Knowledge and – of course – good times and lots and lots of excellent coffee!

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