With the Covid-19 outbreak panic leaving us stuck at home, social media has proven to be a wonderful way to (re)connect with friends, family and even the vibrant community of coffee lovers from all around the world.
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Our Colombian discovery

We rarely run into a coffee that knocks us out of our socks, but La Marianela Natural is definitely one of those coffees.
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Suke Quto and the revival of Guji

One of our favorite coffees in the GOAT STORY specialty coffee line-up comes from the Guji region in Ethiopia. A region that had its share of problems and disasters is now transformed into a superb specialty coffee region. And there is one man that contributed a lot to its revival - Ato Tesfaye Bekele of Suke Quto farm.

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Coffee on Kickstarter - Fail or Success?

Is Kickstarter the way to go when it comes to new coffee gear? European Coffee Trip took a look at three coffee projects that succeeded on Kickstarter and three that failed epically. A valuable lesson for everyone that wants to make it in the world of crowdfunding.
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SMART or BASIC: Which GINA suits your coffee needs?

Now this is a question that has been asked quite a lot: What is the difference between GINA Smart and GINA Basic? Let’s get a bit in-depth about what are the differences between the two.

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Our website just got a makeover

And you get to enjoy 10% OFF shopping GOAT Mugs.