About a Bean: Light or Dark?

Things can get confusing when buying coffee beans for your home brewing, as roasters usually tag their beans according to the brewing device they should be used in. So, what exactly is the difference between an “espresso” roast and “filter” roast?

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About a bean: The character of a roast

There is more to roasting then meets the eye … when you visit a roaster it all looks so easy … pop the beans in the roaster, leave it to roast, empty and cool down. Sure, roastmasters make it look easy. But what we don’t see are years of training, experiments gone bad (or good) and a whole lot of knowledge, curiosity about coffee and enthusiasm.

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INTERVIEW: Lucas, the Italian coffee nerd who doesn't care much for espresso

He is the Italian coffee nerd who could well be the antichrist of the traditional Italian coffee scene. Why? He doesn’t love espresso as much as your every day Italian, especially not the hearty full-bodied traditional dark-roasted type that put Italy on the coffee map of the world.

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AmsterFUN World of Coffee

Ahhh festivals ... always a great chance to keep up with the specialty coffee community and take a look (pardon us ... taste!) at what's brewing around the world.

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GINA app update

We updated the GINA app for iOS and Android. And there’s some exciting features that you requested. So, what does update #2 bring to GINA users? Here’s a quick overview of changes and improvements.

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