Talking coffee

We compiled a list of common expressions that you'll hear when talking to specialty coffee geeks. Learn them by heart by the time you order your next cup of coffee.
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About the bean: The waves of coffee

They say all good things come in waves that make a huge difference. Coffee is no different. It’s said we are now “surfing” the third wave of coffee. With all the talk about the third wave – what were the first two waves actually?

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About a Bean: The Grind

OK, you have your nice beans from the roaster and you have your coffee brewer of choice. What next? Well, it’s grinding time!!!

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About a bean: Special(ty) people

After great feedback from last week’s blog post about specialty coffee, a lot of our readers wanted to know a bit more about how a cup of specialty coffee is different from a “regular” cup. Apart from the quality of coffee itself, it is about the people who produce it. Let’s see who is responsible for your cup of coffee.

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About a bean: Specialty coffee – 80+ or is there more to it?

A while ago we sent out a survey to our community about coffee tasting where one of the questions touched the term “specialty coffee” and its definition. Actually, roughly 64 % of the respondents claimed they know what specialty coffee is, while 36 % didn’t know the meaning (but almost all are willing to learn more). So here it is - our little banter about specialty coffee.

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